Madrilenian stew (Cocido madrileño)

This summer is the year of the staycation: holidaying at home. It’s the time for relaxing in your own garden, on your balcony or roof terrace, and discovering the loveliest local hotspots. It’s also a time to dream about that trip around the world you still want to take sometime, and to cook up cuisine just like what you’d find on the menu at your favourite holiday destination. For the ultimate holiday feeling you only have to cook these dishes on your Big Green Egg!

Holiday at home

Are you the kind of person who usually holidays at home in your own country? Or do you look forward to returning to your favourite foreign destination each year? Or are you a real world traveller who likes to discover exotic locations? It doesn’t matter where you are, you can create that wonderful holiday feeling anywhere at all. At a campground, holiday cottage close to home, or even right in your own home. Relax, enjoy the good life, and cook on your EGG: those are the most important things. What you do with your downtime and what’s on the menu is all up to you.

Big Green Egg

The ultimate holiday feeling

You can create your own little paradise in your own home. If you’ve been planning for years to re-style your garden, balcony or roof terrace, now is the time. You’ll be investing your holiday money in a way that will bring years of enjoyment. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of an extensive outdoor kitchen  for your EGG, or a MiniMax  as an addition to your Big Green Egg Large. A staycation offers lots of possibilities to do some of those things that have been on your bucket list for a long time.

Kulinaarinen maailmanmatka takapihallasi

Take along your EGG

Are you planning a trip in your own country and don’t want to miss EGGing? Then the MiniMax is your ideal travel companion. Because whether you go to a campground, have booked a cottage, or you want to go picnicking on your days off: this compact Kamado BBQ is easy to take along so you can cook delicious meals even when you’re away. What would you say to a late night snack on a warm summer evening in front of the tent or on the terrace of a get-away cottage? To make your holiday feeling complete, why not cook whatever you feel like having at the time?

Take a culinary world tour

Have you been craving that divine Vitello Tonnato that you tasted once in Italy? Or would you rather organise a tapas evening with lots of small dishes? With your Big Green Egg you can cook just like they do at your favourite holiday destination. During your staycation come along with us on a culinary trip to exciting foreign lands and continents. Which of the following dishes will you try first?

The American Way

The food culture of the US reflects its melting pot of many different national origins. A lot of the dishes you encounter use elements from Native, South American or European cuisine. If you want classic BBQ dishes then you’ve come to the right address. And the roots of Big Green Egg also go back to the USA. Since the introduction of this evergreen of the Kamado BBQs in 1974, true aficionados use it to prepare perfect BBQ classics. Will you be going the American way on your holiday?

Go Mexican

Mexican food is so much more than tacos and burritos. It’s a country with age-old traditions and the birthplace of fantastic traditional cuisine. Beans, corn, peppers, tomatoes and avocados are the signature ingredients of Mexican dishes. You can still find these in many authentic recipes today. Are you ready to discover the exciting flavours of Mexico?

Taste of the Alps

Do you love natural settings with the most beautiful views? Then the Alps are undoubtedly your favourite holiday destination. Summer and winter. The countries of the Alps have created a diversity of traditional dishes. Required tasting during your holiday in the Alps. Think of flammkuchen on a sunny patio with a cool glass of white wine or a fabulous stew after a day in the snow. When you cook these dishes all those lovely holiday memories will come back.

Asian cuisine

Asian cuisine covers a wide variety of dishes and is loved around the world. Whether you like meat, fish or vegetarian food, or whether you want to make a slow cooked curry or a fast wok stir-fry, Asian cuisine offers it all. Many different natural spices are used in these traditions, and the dishes vary from mild or sweet-and-sour to hot and spicy. But always with a perfect balance of flavours. No matter where you’ve been on holiday or how many Asian restaurants you’ve eaten at, there are always new dishes and flavours to discover. Ever tried making them yourself? Your Big Green Egg will give these delicious dishes an extra boost of flavour.

La dolce vita

Holidays are for enjoying the good life. A phrase that is inextricably linked to Italy. So for the ultimate holiday feeling you can’t do any better than this. Italians are experts in living the good life and you see that reflected in Italian cuisine. In every region you can find delicious local dishes, often variations made with the favourite Italian ingredients like pasta, Italian cheeses and dried ham, tomatoes, capers, anchovies, olives and olive oil, plus herbs like rosemary and basil. These are usually simple dishes brimming with flavour which Italians like to enjoy at large family gatherings.

La cocina de España

For many people Spain is the favourite holiday destination. Thanks to the sun, the sea, the pleasant temperatures, and the delicious food. Do you regularly go to a tapas bar when you’re on holiday because the tapas simply don’t taste as good anywhere else? Can you see yourself on a fabulous, sunny day searching the menu for a delicious cool bowl of gazpacho? At home, at the campground, or in your get-away cottage – you can prepare these dishes yourself on your Big Green Egg. The ultimate time for cooking your favourite holiday dishes.

Vive la France

Maybe France is your favourite holiday destination? Then you know what to expect from French chefs – from stunning haute cuisine to delicious regional dishes. That might even be the reason that you love spending your holidays in la belle France. The French have produced many top chefs, and many other countries see French cuisine as the state of the art. On the coast and along rivers and waterways many dishes are based on fish and shellfish, but meat, poultry and vegetables are also well represented, plus Paris is internationally renowned for its fantastic pastry. What will you make during your staycation – bouillabaisse, a classic coq au vin, or will you finally take the time to make your own macarons on your Big Green Egg?

The magic of the Middle East

Middle Eastern dishes may not be as well known as some other cuisines, but it’s certainly worth discovering this heavenly food. If you’ve travelled in the Middle East you know this first hand, and probably you’re planning a return visit, not least for culinary reasons. Meanwhile you can enjoy delicious Middle Eastern dishes during your staycation – and afterwards – prepared on your Big Green Egg. Couscous, lamb, chickpeas and yoghurt are important basic ingredients, combined with spices like saffron and cumin. Are you already a fan of Middle Eastern flavours or would you like to discover a new food tradition? Light the charcoal in your EGG and taste delicious dishes from this fascinating cuisine.


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