No doubt you’ve heard of the Big Green Egg, or maybe even worked with one. In the latter case, the Big Green Egg has probably become part of your standard kitchen equipment by now, because of the quality and great flavour it adds to every ingredient. Be inspired by the many possibilities of the Big Green Egg.

Introduced in the US back in 1974, the Big Green Egg is The Evergreen among kamados. Founder Ed Fischer started importing kamados from Asia after discovering the huge versatility of this egg-shaped, ceramic cooking appliance. The Big Green Egg took outdoor cooking to the next level,turning barbecuing into outdoor cooking with countless possibilities.

Temperature gauge of the Big Green Egg

Unique ceramic material

The Big Green Egg was gradually perfected. Manufactured from the highest quality ceramic mmaterial for many decades, it has a delicate structure and is produced using technologies developed by NASA for the space shuttle programme. As a result, the ceramic material can withstand extremely high temperatures, reflect heat better, and it absorbs virtually no moisture, keeping ingredients more succulent and flavoursome.

Big Green Egg on the menu

After its introduction in Europe, the Big Green Egg was soon discovered by many professionals. The delicious flavour it adds to ingredients as well as the kamado’s convenience and durability made it an instant hit. Hot and fast or low and slow cooking? Grilling, baking, steaming, smoking, stewing, roasting, or using a wok: the sky is the limit for the Big Green Egg. It gives grilled and roasted vegetables a huge flavour boost and allows you to cook pizza and tarte flambée in no time.  And there is no tastier way to make pulled pork, for example as a filling for croquettes, or to grill a nice steak. Add in the ‘show’ element and it’s easy to understand why menus often mention which dishes are made on the Big Green Egg; it gives a dish something really special.

Big Green Egg large smoking

Constant temperature

Another feature of the unique ceramic material is its tremendous insulating effect, which makes the Big Green Egg a particularly economical kamado. Even when the charcoal in the EGG glows all day and evening, you rarely need to refill it. For low-and-slow cooking, a batch of charcoal lasts up to 35 hours. Because you close the lid after each operation when EGGing, perfect air circulation is created and the temperature inside the Big Green Egg is very constant. It remains at the temperature you want, within a range between 70 and 350°C.

Calling card

The charcoal is easy to light and your EGG is up to temperature in just 15 minutes. Ready for the mise en place, lunch or dinner. This makes the Big Green Egg an extension of your cooking skills and the calling card for your guests.

That's Big Green Egg!

  • Unique ceramic material with superior insulating properties.
  • Up to temperature in 15 minutes.
  • Stable temperature, accurate to the degree.
  • Temperature range from 70 to 350°C.
  • Perfect air circulation.
  • Durable and economical to use.
  • Up to 35 hours with 1 batch of charcoal (Large model).



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