Cleaning the EGG requires little effort. It ensures that you can enjoy the various parts of your EGG for longer and that your dishes will taste even better than before. View our instructional video or read up on our cleaning tips!

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Ash Tool removing ash from the ash removal pan

Cleaning before use: remove the old ashes

Before igniting the EGG, first remove any old ashes from its ceramic base. This will enable you to keep the temperature of your EGG more constant and it gives you more control over the preparation of your dishes.

Use the Ash Tool (or a different poker) to separate the ashes from any remaining charcoal (and to evenly spread the charcoal). Then use the Ash Removal Pan (or another tool) to remove the ashes easily, and without making a mess, from the EGGs ceramic base via the draft door.

Grid Scrubber used to clean a Cast Iron Grid of the Big Green Egg

Cleaning after use: remove any food remains

After cooking, always clear any food remains from the EGG and/or the grid of the EGG. Remove them by heating the EGG to a temperature of approximately 300°C, or by using one of our useful accessories:

Any remaining bacteria will be destroyed by the heat generated with every cooking session.

Top Dome Big Green Egg

Preventing mould from forming

Do you expect to not use your EGG for a while? Don’t place a snuffer cap or dual function metal top on the ceramic chimney and keep the draft door in the ceramic base fully open. By doing so, you can prevent mould from forming in the EGG.

If mould nevertheless appears in the EGG, as unexpected as that may be, it can be easily removed by firing up the EGG until hot.

Cleaning the Cast Iron Grate

We recommend cleaning the Cast Iron Grate from time to time. This grate ensures that your egg is ventilated when closed, so it’s an essential component. You can easily clean it by brushing a wire brush over the grate.

And that about covers it! Cleaning: we can’t make it more pleasant, but we also can’t make it any easier. Read more on the page Maintaining the EGG.

Big Green Egg has done everything possible to ensure the safety of the cooker when in use. However, the users themselves are responsible for their own safety and that of their environment. Users must always act prudently and handle the EGG and the accessories with caution.

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