They call us foodies, ‘food freaks’ or even culinary hedonists. However, no matter which label you pick, we will always remain true to ourselves. We take everything life has to offer us and enjoy our mission to the fullest. We were given our senses for a reason, so we intend to put them to good use.

The Evergreen

You will get nowhere without passion. Our goal is to inspire as many people as possible, and let them enjoy the pure and honest flavours nature has to offer. Slow-cook a beautiful cut of meat, fish or vegetables in your EGG and let yourself be surprised by that unparalleled, characteristic aroma. This, for us, is what quality of life is all about.

Big Green Egg

From kamado to EGG

When you combine the ancient Japanese kamado tradition with NASA’s revolutionary ceramic technology, you end up with the perfect contemporary outdoor cooker: the Big Green Egg. Use it to cook, bake, grill, stew or smoke and you will not believe how refined and exceptional the flavours are. How did it get its name? Take a guess.

Big Green Egg

Enjoying together...

Eating is an emotional event and as such, you’ll love preparing your favourite recipes on your EGG or creating a new dish. Take a moment to enjoy the most delicious things you have ever tasted. Surround yourself with family, friends and those that are dear to you to create unforgettable moments. This is what Big Green Egg stands for

Big Green Egg

...all throughout the year!

Whether it’s freezing cold or a real scorcher; you can EGG all year round. So bring on that juicy entrecote, that gorgeous piece of fish with a salty crust, stir-fried shellfish, hearty stew, crusty bread, pizzas with the perfect crust or that mouth-wateringly delicious dessert. Feel like skipping meat for a day? How about preparing stuffed pointed peppers, roasted beetroot soup and bruschetta caprese on your EGG for a change?

Big Green Egg

Open up a world full of culinary possibilities

A new world will open up for you once you start using a Big Green Egg. It will be easier to push back your culinary frontiers than you think and you will greatly surprise yourself and your guests. And… Big Green Egg will gladly help you on your way. Allow your creativity to flow and enjoy!

Are you a bit of a history freak? You can read our full story here!



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