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When buying a Big Green Egg, there is a good chance that you will immediately purchase a number of accessories. Certain basics are simply indispensable. But along the way you will find that you want to go a step further to experiment and really get the most out of your EGG. Or just to make EGGing even easier. In this blog, you can read all about our selection of most popular accessories, so you will know what to put on your wish list. Would you like to see a full overview of all accessories? Then take a look at our Product Magazine.

It doesn’t matter how long your Big Green Egg has been shining in your garden, on your balcony or on your roof terrace, there are always new possibilities to explore. A nice pan for cooking, especially made for use on your kamado, or indeed one for making tasty stews and soups in your Big Green Egg. Are you aiming for convenience? Then there are various accessories that are truly indispensable for you.


First of all: the best housing

From EGG to complete outdoor kitchen, every Big Green Egg deserves the best housing. You can start small with a Nest or even an intEGGrated Nest + Handler, combined with the handy Acacia Wood Mates for that little bit extra workspace. Or you can immediately go big with an Acacia Table, Modular EGG Workspace or a completely self-built outdoor kitchen. Whatever you choose, always ensure that there is sufficient space between the bottom of your ceramic base and the surface it rests on so that the EGG can release its heat. If you place the Big Green Egg in an outdoor kitchen yourself, use the Table Nest to do so.


The must-have basics

Safety comes first! That’s why a protective, heat-resistant glove and special barbecue tongs are always a must. In addition, good quality charcoal and firelighters are just as important as the use of good ingredients and therefore two of the most important basics. Make sure you always use charcoal that is 100% natural, just like the firelighters. This will prevent unwanted smoke and chemicals from getting into the ceramic of your kamado. And don’t forget the Ash Tool and a Grid Scrubber for basic maintenance with every cooking session.

Also check out the basic accessories that expand the possibilities of your Big Green Egg or are simply a must-have in order to do some truly good cooking in your EGG. With a convEGGtor (heat shield), you ensure that you can also cook indirectly. This will enable you to transform the EGG into a convection oven, where your ingredient is not cooked directly over the glowing charcoal. An ideal technique for low and slow preparations or, for example, to bake a delicious cake. Doing some grilling on your Big Green Egg? Then a Cast Iron Grid is indispensable! This cast iron grid absorbs the heat extra well and also transfers it to the ingredient. This results in a brilliant caramelisation of the natural sugars in the ingredient, i.e. the ultimate grilling stripe that provides extra flavour.


Make things easy for yourself

The 1-Piece convEGGtor Basket is a multifunctional accessory to make EGGing even easier. Thanks to the handles on the basket, you can safely place the convEGGtor but also your Cast Iron Grid, Stainless Steel Grid, or the Carbon Steel Grill Wok, in your EGG in one easy movement and take it out again just as easily. When you use the convEGGtor Basket, your grid is also slightly higher in your Big Green Egg. Do you want to change grids while cooking? You can do this easily using the Cast Iron Grid Lifter. Are you a real meat freak who loves low and slow dishes? Then you will definitely enjoy the Rectangular Drip Pan. You place this on the convEGGtor under the grid your meat is on. This prevents the fat and juices that are released during cooking from dripping onto the convEGGtor, which saves you some cleaning.


For the novice EGGer

Have you mastered the ability to keep the temperature of your EGG perfectly under control and do you already have a few favourite recipes? Then it’s time for a few additional accessories to expand your knowledge and skills. If you don’t have an Instant Read Thermometer yet, it’s about time you did, because measuring is knowing. It enables you to easily and quickly check the core temperature of meat and fish, so that you can be sure that everything is perfectly cooked. Planning some low and slow cooking? Then a Dual Probe Remote Thermometer is particularly handy. You simply insert this thermometer into your meat when you start the preparation. You will then receive a notification when the core temperature has been reached.

The Baking Stone and the Cast Iron Dutch Oven are also a valuable addition to your accessory collection at this stage. With the help of a Baking Stone, in combination with the convEGGtor, you can make delicious authentic Flammkuchen, pizzas or tasty brownies in your Big Green Egg. And do you also want to promote the fact that you’re part of the Big Green Egg community? Show your green heart with a t-shirt, cap, sweater or one of the other items from the EGG wear collection in our fan shop.


The next level

As an accomplished EGGer, you will undoubtedly want to keep challenging yourself. The 5-Piece EGGspander Kit offers a helping hand. Prepare a complete and varied meal in one go on your Big Green Egg by simultaneously cooking directly and indirectly (multi-zone cooking). The convEGGtor Basket is the basis and can be combined with the Half Stainless Steel Grid and additional accessories such as the Half Cast Iron Grid, Half convEGGtor Stone and Half Cast Iron Plancha . Want to expand its capacity? Then place the raised grid on the convEGGtor Basket to cook even more ingredients at the same time.

By expanding your cooking techniques, you can also take your dishes to the next level. Because the Big Green Egg charcoal is fairly neutral, you can add extra flavour with the help of Wood Chips or Wood Chunks. The type of smoking wood you use depends on the ingredient you want to smoke and how long your smoking session will last. One thing is certain, once you have discovered the cooking technique of smoking, you are guaranteed to develop a taste for it.

Chef’s favourites

Cook like a pro using the chef’s favourites! For most professionals, these consist of different pans, just like in a professional kitchen. However, these accessories are also a great addition for semi-pros. The Big Green Egg range consists of various pans, each with specific functions. The Carbon Steel Grill Wok speaks for itself. From now on you can also make any stir-fry you want in your EGG. When you place the wok in the convEGGtor Basket, it hangs just above the glowing charcoal. This creates an intense heat that no wok flame can compete with.


From the selection of cast iron pans, you can use the Cast Iron Skillet – Small for baking, roasting and stewing; a true all-rounder. You can even use the pan as a baking pan. Do be sure to place a piece of baking paper at the bottom of the pan, so that you can easily remove your creation. Would you prefer to cook something a little bigger? In that case, the Cast Iron Skillet is an even better option. The Cast Iron Sauce Pot is ideal for making or heating a sauce and for melting butter. You’ll find yourself using this little powerhouse more often than you think. Thanks to its small size, this pan fits easily on the grid while you’re making something else.


The Green Dutch Oven is truly indispensable in every kitchen, especially a chef’s kitchen! Just like the Cast Iron Dutch Oven, it is a cast iron pan that retains heat well and distributes it evenly. You can use the Cast Iron Dutch Oven for many preparations, such as a tasty stew, soup or for frying and baking. The Green Dutch Oven works the same, but thanks to the enamel coating, it is also suitable if you want to make compotes, marmalades or clear sauces and ragouts that you want to prevent from colouring. The lid of the Green Dutch Oven? You can also use it as a baking tin.


The coolest gadgets

Make cooking even more fun with handy kitchen tools and fun details in your kitchenware. How about the handy Ceramic Poultry Roaster to prepare the juiciest chicken, Big Green Egg green Kitchen Towels or a nice, robust wooden cutting board with the Big Green Egg logo? The Meat Claws are another cool kitchen gadget with which you can easily prepare pulled pork. Obviously you can’t be a true Big Green Egg enthusiast without a few fan items. From small gadgets to funny and fabulous gadgets to give as gifts, to treat yourself or to put on your wish list. Sometimes functional and sometimes just for fun, but always a success! Are you or do you know the biggest gadget fan? Then check out the gadgets in our fan shop.


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