Wood chips next to a smoking Big Green Egg

Each Big Green Egg chef has his own style. Give all your dishes a characteristic smoky flavour using the original Wood Chips. Mix the (soaked) wood chips into your charcoal or sprinkle a handful over it. Or do both; it’s all a matter of taste. The same applies to the type of Wood Chips you may choose: hickory, pecan, apple or cherry.

The Wood Chips do well with any type of dish. Hickory is well suited for red meat, turkey and chicken. Pecan gives fish and poultry a rich, gentle flavour. Apple will add some natural sweetness to fish, crustaceans and poultry. And with its mild fruity flavour, cherry is everybody’s friend. A bag of Wood Chips contains 2.9 litres.

  • Hickory
  • Pecan
  • Apple
  • Cherry

Hickory 113986
Pecan 113993
Apple 113962
Cherry 113979

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