Cast Iron Skillet

With the Cast Iron Skillet it doesn’t matter how much time you have on your hands. This cast iron all-rounder is perfect for quickly sealing meat or letting it braise or stew for hours on end. You could make sirloin steaks, Indonesian Rendang, a potato gratin or a casserole. Time to spare? You could also prepare a lovely dessert, such as a cobbler or clafoutis, in the Cast Iron Skillet.

Cast iron lasts a lifetime (or even longer). It is also extremely heat-resistant and has great conductivity allowing the entire surface to heat up evenly. Which works brilliantly for (stir) frying, roasting, braising and stewing. The Cast Iron Skillet, with its 2 practical handles, has a 36 cm diameter. Grease it with vegetable oil after you’ve washed it and the Cast Iron Skillet will be as new as new can be.

Model Code
2XL, XLarge, Large 118233

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