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Every cooking session starts with the right fuel. Our 100% natural charcoal with FSC quality mark is exactly what you need. This Big Green Egg charcoal comes from beech and hornbeam, and has an extremely long burning time. For an extra smoky touch, add Big Green Egg Wood Chips or Chunks to your charcoal, to taste.

Big Green Egg Charcoal comes in 9 and 4.5 kilo bags. The charcoal in the 4.5 kilo bags is slightly smaller. Making it perfect for use in smaller EGG models.

Big Green Egg Charcoal: Choose your flavour

The key to success for a tasty dish and the basis for you cooking session is using the best-quality charcoal. While the result partly depends on the type of charcoal used, one thing is certain: the flavour of charcoal-cooked ingredients is unparalleled. Big Green Egg charcoal is FSC certified, 100% natural charcoal, and originates from beech and hornbeam. This type of wood ensures a neutral basis so for every new cooking session, you can create your very own ideal taste concoction. This might include extra smoky flavour, a touch of hickory, cherries, apple or pecan. Adding Big Green Egg Wood Chips or Chunks means whatever flavour you choose, you’ll always put an astounding dish on the table. The 100% natural charcoal (free from chemical ingredients, aromas and flavourings) is produced in Europe from wood residue or trees specially cultivated in sustainably managed forests. For each tree felled, a new one is planted in its place. The extra-large pieces burn slowly, create no unnecessary smoke and – unlike many other types of charcoal – remarkably little ash. This fantastic pure hardwood has a wonderfully long burning time. That’s good when your pulled pork is slowly cooking.

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4,5 kg 666397

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