11x snelle recepten

Did you buy your Big Green Egg to do some extensive cooking? To cook low and slow, make delicious stews and bake bread or cakes? Perfect! After all, this unique kamado is ideal for that. However, do you want to ignite the charcoal in your Big Green Egg to prepare something tasty in no time at all even when you’re a little busier? Don’t worry! These 11 delicious BBQ recipes can be prepared in under in hour.

Use your EGG everyday

Once you have a Big Green Egg, you obviously want to cook on it as often as possible. Quite simply because EGGing is just a lot of fun, and because everything you make on it becomes incredibly tasty, and also because you can enjoy the result together with family or friends. Often you plan in advance what you want to make and really take the time for it. But sometimes you don’t have that much time to cook or you just want to prepare some snacks that are ready quickly. That, too, is possible on your favourite kamado. Nothing will stop you from igniting the charcoal in your Big Green Egg every day!

Tonijnsteak op silicila

Grilled tuna steak the Sicilian way

In the mood for a tasty tuna steak? Then fry or grill the tuna on your Big Green Egg. In this recipe the steak is grilled and served with a salsa from the EGG. Quickly prepare a delicious Sicilian dish on your kamado.



Cedar wood-smoked salmon bonbons

These cedar-smoked salmon bonbons are an all-time favourite and hugely popular with our fans. This salmon dish doesn’t take long to prepare, but the salmon does need to marinate for a bit, and it’s important that you soak the cedar plank in water. Once you’ve made these preparations and your EGG is at temperature, it will take less than 10 minutes for your salmon bonbons to be ready.



Tournedos with bacon and garden herbs

Grilling delicious tournedos is easy, but you might find the result a bit plain and be after something a bit more original. By wrapping the meat in bacon and adding thyme and rosemary, you can give this tender meat a surprising flavour twist. In short, delicious luxury in an instant!



Provençal vegetable skewers with creamy chilli dip

Most skewers do not need to be grilled for long and can be easily prepared in advance. The same applies to these healthy, Provençal vegetable skewers. How about the accompanying sauce? You can prepare it in advance or even in a few minutes while grilling the skewers.


Zeebaars gestoofd op zeekraal

Sea bass fillet slow cooked on glasswort

Are you looking for an easy, quick and complete dish with few ingredients? This stew is ready in no time. After frying the shallots in the skillet  until translucent, add the rest of the ingredients and leave them to stew. If you’ve set the table and poured a good glass of wine in the meantime, it’s time to eat!


Quesadilla with sour cream

Quesadilla with sour cream

In this recipe, the quesadilla is served as a snack, but this Mexican dish also tastes great as a lunch or light dinner. In that case, cook the quesadillas at the same time in the skillet , in which case the preparation of this delicious vegetarian dish only takes 10 minutes.


Pad thai

Pad Thai with chicken

Do you already have a wok  for your Big Green Egg? Then you know just how little time your wok dishes take to prepare. The combination of ingredients cut into small pieces and the fast, hot cooking keeps meat nice and juicy and vegetables deliciously crispy. No wok experience yet? Get started easily with this delicious pad thai with chicken.



Fried sea bream in tomato sauce with noodle salad - Ca chien

Do you love Asian cuisine? Then try this Vietnamese main course on your Big Green Egg While the sea breams are simmering in the sauce, you can prepare the noodle salad. Including igniting the charcoal and heating the EGG, this exotic dish is ready in 45 minutes.


Entrecote als cowboy steak

Entrecôte as cowboy steak

It doesn’t take long to grill an entrecôte. Particularly if you do it cowboy style, directly above the glowing charcoal. How exactly? You’ll discover just that with this recipe. A sneak preview: Grilling the steaks takes only 4 minutes. While the meat rests for about 5 minutes, you can prepare some vegetables of your choice on your kamado.


Gazpacho met gegrilde groenten

Gazpacho of grilled vegetables

Want to prepare two meals in one go, so that you can prepare your meal really quickly the following day and enjoy that delicious roasting taste even more? Then stock up on the ingredients for this gazpacho in advance. Ignite the charcoal in the Big Green Egg, prepare a dish of your choice and grill the vegetables for this cold soup afterwards. Once cooled, purée the vegetables for the soup and place the gazpacho in the fridge. All you’ll have to do the next day is garnish and serve.


Gebakken banaan

Banana smoked in cedar wood with chocolate and pistachio

The easy thing about desserts is that you usually prepare them in advance, but this isn’t the case with this recipe. Because this smoked banana tastes best hot. Fortunately, this delicious dessert doesn’t take much time and is fun to prepare. A small effort with a big result!



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