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Big Green Egg kamado in modulair system in a outside garden

The Big Green Egg is the best kamado of its kind. It is a unique and all-round outdoor kitchen that offers many possibilities. Invented for those with good taste, because both its appearance and the dishes that you prepare in the Big Green Egg are unrivalled! Discover the basics of the Big Green Egg here.

Smoke, roast, steam, bake, grill

The Big Green Egg opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to cooking. Smoking, grilling, steaming and frying are just some of the cooking techniques you can use with the Big Green Egg. How about a tasty poached fish, a delicious stew, a nutritious hearty soup, a serving of low and slow cooked meat, roasted onions, peppers or potatoes, or a tasty stir-fry? Whatever you choose, you can prepare it in your Big Green Egg. Every dish will have a unique flavour, regardless of the cooking technique you use.

Endless possibilities

To make EGGing even more versatile, we have developed a range of accessories for the Big Green Egg. After all, good equipment is half the battle. With the Cast Iron Grid you can create perfect grill lines and if you place a convEGGtor in your EGG, you can create indirect heat just like an oven, but with the addition of that delicious roasted flavour. And pizza, tarte flambée or certain types of patisserie can be baked on the Baking Stone.

As well as these basics, you can always expand your equipment further. A Cast Iron Skillet, for example, is the perfect pan for frying and can also serve as a baking tin. The Ribs and Roasting Rack is a handy tool when preparing large cuts of meat and spareribs and the Cast Iron Dutch Oven or the enamelled Green Dutch Oven are both multifunctional pans for use in the Big Green Egg. If you are planning on smoking ingredients to add a little extra flavour, then the various aromas from Wood Chips, Wood Chunks and Wooden Grilling Planks are vital.

Smoky flavour

But you don’t buy a Big Green Egg just for the convenience and huge range of possibilities. The flavour of your creations is perhaps the most important reason; after all, this is unmatched. Every meal will have a tasty, subtle smoky flavour as well as a delicious roasting taste when you grill or roast. Extra flavour is easily created using smoking wood.


Cooking on the Big Green Egg is very simple and, thanks to the closed system and top quality ceramic, you can regulate the temperature perfectly. If you use the air regulator below the ceramic base and the rEGGulator, you can control the temperature precisely, within a range of 70 to 350°C. The charcoal will burn more efficiently too, thanks to the regulated air supply and discharge.

Unique ceramic

If you choose to go for the Big Green Egg, then you’ll be choosing a kamado with the very best ceramic. And that’s more important than you might think, because only the best ceramic excels in terms of sustainability, ensures perfect temperature control, and has a positive influence on the taste of the ingredients and dishes you prepare. So the quality of the ceramic is really important.


For this reason, the ceramic components of the Big Green Egg have been manufactured for decades from the very highest quality ceramic. It is a ceramic with a delicate structure, produced using technologies developed by NASA for the space shuttle programme. As a result, the ceramic resists extremely high temperatures, reflects heat efficiently and also absorbs very little moisture, ensuring the ingredients stay juicier and tastier.

All year round

Thanks to this unique ceramic, which has a strong porcelain glaze, the Big Green Egg is 100% weatherproof. As a result of the high quality heat-insulating ceramic, external temperatures do not affect the temperature inside the EGG. So whether it’s spring or summer, autumn or winter, you can use the EGG all year round. How about a tasty goulash, hearty pea soup or spicy mulled wine with ginger biscuits from the Big Green Egg?

Are you the chef this evening?

You’ll be amazed just how easy it is to use the Big Green Egg. While you spend time with your guests, the EGG will ensure perfect flavour and cooking. In warmer weather, you can enjoy a glass of fine wine with your guests or a cold beer around your EGG. If it is raining and dull outside, why not stay indoors while the EGG does the hard work? The Big Green Egg will create unforgettable moments every day of the year, at any time. So, are you the chef this evening? Then let these tasty recipes inspire you.

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