The robust rEGGulator can be set very precisely. It is made of durable cast iron with a cool silicone handle, enabling you to increase or decrease the air supply without burning your fingers. We have already treated the air regulator with a coating that prevents corrosion, so you can leave it on the EGG after use.

Big Green Egg already excelled in highly accurate temperature control, but after two years of product development, an even higher degree of perfection has been achieved. The new patented air regulator is the successor to the dual function metal top. It has an ergonomic design but also represents a considerable improvement in terms of use and durability. If you completely shut off the air supply, your EGG will be 100% airtight and the charcoal will be extinguished. If it starts to rain while you are using the EGG, just keep the air regulator dry with the optional Rain Cap and prevent rain from dripping into your EGG.

Model Productcode
2XL, XLarge, Large, Medium 117847
MiniMax, Small 117854
Mini 103017

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