Hands holding Wooden planks in front of a Big Green Egg

By using our Wooden Grilling Planks you can raise your cooking to the next level. Place the ingredients on the (water soaked) plank and then lay the plank on the grid of the Big Green Egg. The moisture will create a smoke effect. You can choose from cedar or alder wood Grilling Planks, each of which adds its own particular flavour.

This unique cooking method using Wooden Grilling Planks originated with the Native Americans, and their ancient tradition has now been discovered by the rest of the world. This is not surprising, as the technique adds a new dimension to grilling. It goes without saying that our Grilling Planks are made of sustainable wood. 1 packet contains 2 Grilling Planks of 28 centimetres each.

Cedar – 2x 116307
Alder – 2x 116291

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