The ins and outs of the world’s best kamado

Big Green Egg kamado in luxury garden

You might have heard about a kamado or the Big Green Egg – The Original since 1974. But what is a Big Green Egg exactly, what can you do with it, and what makes the Big Green Egg the best kamado of its kind?

The Big Green Egg works like this...

A Big Green Egg is a kamado, a ceramic barbecue with a lid. In other words, it’s much more than a barbecue; it is a complete outdoor kitchen. The power of a good kamado lies in the closed system and the quality of the ceramic. Thanks to this closed system, there is an even flow of air as a result of which ingredients cook evenly and the temperature can be controlled easily.

All-round cooking device

As well as the delicious flavour accents it adds to ingredients and meals, the simple efficiency and the quality and durability of the Big Green Egg makes the EGG a great all-round cooking device. Hot and fast or low and slow cooking? Grilling, baking, steaming, stir-frying, smoking or roasting: the sky is the limit for the Big Green Egg. Boost the flavour of vegetables by grilling or roasting  them and bake a pizza or tarte flambée with a gorgeous crispy base or delicious bread in no time. If you love soup or casseroles, these will be even tastier in the Big Green Egg. You can of course also easily grill a juicy steak or slow cook your pork neck to create the tastiest pulled pork. The Big Green Egg is incredibly versatile.

Unique ceramics

The Big Green Egg is made of unique ceramic and that’s more important than you might think, because only the best ceramic excels in terms of sustainability, ensures perfect temperature control, and has a positive influence on the taste of the ingredients and dishes you prepare. So, the quality of the ceramic is really important.


For this reason, the ceramic components of the Big Green Egg have been manufactured for decades from the very highest quality ceramic. It is a ceramic with a delicate structure, produced using technologies developed by NASA for the space shuttle programme. As a result, the ceramic resists extremely high temperatures, reflects heat efficiently and absorbs very little moisture, ensuring the ingredients stay juicier and tastier.

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Lifetime warranty and enjoyment

Thanks to the versatile Big Green Egg and the choice of different models, your kamado will be at the heart of some wonderful, shared moments. Surprise your family and friends with your outdoor cooking skills. Draw inspiration from the many recipes or let your creativity run free and enjoy your own creations.


But the Big Green Egg not only guarantees quality time with your loved ones; because the EGGs fulfil the highest quality requirements, we also offer a lifetime warranty on the materials and the construction of all the ceramic parts. This means a lifetime of outdoor cooking fun, thanks to all the options offered by the Big Green Egg.

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