• Course

    Main course

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  • Cooking technique


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  • Prep time

    20 minutes

  • Cook time

    50 minutes

  • Total

    70 minutes

  • Amount

    8 persons

Grilled pork roulade from the Big Green Egg

Do you usually buy your roulade ready-made from the butcher’s? Then the time has come to make your own, so that you can add the seasonings that you like. Pork roulade is really easy to make with a porc neck, like in this recipe with fresh herbs and garlic. Instead of roasting the roulade in the oven, you will of course prepare it on the Big Green Egg!




  • 1 pork neck of approx. 2 kg
  • sea salt


  • 1 bunch of lovage
  • 1 bunch of marjoram
  • 1 bulb of garlic

Grilled pork roulade from the Big Green Egg


  1. Light the charcoal in the Big Green Egg and with the Cast Iron Grid heat to a temperature of 220°C.
  2. Meanwhile, for the herb mixture, remove the lovage and marjoram leaves from the stalks and finely chop them. Peel the garlic, chop the cloves finely and mix with the herbs.
  3. Cut a large slice of the pork neck by cutting the meat at approximately 3 centimetres. Roll the meat over your worktop as you keep cutting until you have a rectangular slice that is about 3 centimetres thick.
  4. Season the pork neck with the herb mixture and sea salt to taste. Roll the meat starting from the short side and tie the roulade with kitchen twine.
Grilled pork roulade from the Big Green Egg


  1. Place the roulade on the grid and close the lid of the EGG.
  2. Grill the roulade for about 50 minutes. Roll the pork roulade a little bit further every 5 minutes for a nice evenly crispy outside and to prevent burning. The roulade is ready when it reaches a core temperature of 58°C; you can measure the core temperature every now and then near the end of the preparation with the Instant Read Thermometer.
  3. Remove the roulade from the EGG and allow to rest for about 15 minutes, covered loosely with aluminium foil, before you cut the meat.

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