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With Big Green Egg Pure Charcoal, Big Green Egg is becoming even greener. This revolutionary new charcoal is a pure product of extremely high quality. Thanks to a unique process during the carbonisation of wood into charcoal, Pure Charcoal has a high percentage of carbon while also being low fine dust and practically smoke-free. Practically, because some smoke may be generated by firelighters, fat from meat or fish, or a piece of charcoal that has not been 100% charred during the production process. Big Green Egg Pure Charcoal is one of the highest quality and sustainable charcoals available. Especially for the demanding and environmentally conscious user.

FSC®-certified sustainable European charcoal

Pure Charcoal is made up of a mix of sustainably produced FSC®-certified European oak, beech and hornbeam. Especially for the demanding and environmentally conscious user. Beech wood is a softer species and ignites quickly. Oak and hornbeam are harder types of wood, but also remains long-lasting and stable.
Due to its high quality, Big Green Egg Pure Charcoal has a very neutral taste. Want to create a smokey touch to your dishes? Then add some Wood Chips or Wood Chunks to the charcoal.

Learn more about the development and production process of this new charcoal? Pure Charcoal.

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Bag of Pure Charcoal form Big Green Egg standing in charcoal

Lighting Pure Charcoal

Want to start cooking with Big Green Egg Pure Charcoal? The charcoal can be purchased from our dealers and is located next to our trusted 100% natural charcoal bags. You light it as you would expect from us; with natural firelighters, long matches, Charcoal EGGniter or a safe lighter. Want to learn more about lighting your charcoal in your kamado? Click on the button below.

Kamado charcoal igniting

  • What is Pure Charcoal made of?

    Pure Charcoal comprises a mix of sustainably produced FSC-certified European oak, beech and hornbeam. A conscious choice, each with their characteristic properties.

  • Why is Pure Charcoal more expensive?

    The price of Pure Charcoal is partly determined by its unique manufacturing process, which is much more time-consuming than standard charcoal (see “How can charcoal be low in fine dust?”)

  • How can charcoal be low in fine dust?

    Each type of wood (oak, beech and hornbeam) undergoes its own process. During this process, gases and other elements are extracted from the wood. Depending on the type of wood, this process can take 8 to 20 hours . Once the different wood types have undergone the carbonisation process, they are mixed to create the ideal blend of oak, beech and hornbeam. The gases that are removed are responsible for fine dust. By removing them during the carbonisation process, fewer emissions occur during combustion.

  • Is the burn time of Pure Charcoal longer than that of 100% Natural Charcoal?

    The burn time of charcoal depends on several factors. The density and purity of Pure Charcoal are higher than that of 100% Natural Charcoal. When conditions are the same, the burn time of Pure Charcoal is longer.

  • How much fine dust is released compared to other types of charcoal ?

    We are very proud to introduce an innovative product to the market that emits around 62% less nitrogen and 82% less fine dust compared to other commonly used types of charcoal.

  • If I add Wood Chips or Wood Chunks for flavour, will using Pure Charcoal still have an effect?

    If you still want to create a smoky touch to the flavour of your dish, you can choose to add some Wood Chips or Wood Chunks. It still has an effect when you use Pure Charcoal because you emit less fine dust overall compared to combining it with other types of charcoal.

  • Is the production process more environmentally friendly?

    Yes. The production process takes place in patented retort ovens that meet the latest European regulations. Gases extracted from the wood during the production process are used to power other ovens. Excess energy can also be used to heat houses, for example. Elements such as tar are also extracted during the production process, and this is then reprocessed into other products such as plastics and asphalt.

  • Why doesn’t Pure Charcoal produce smoke?

    Smoke is created partly by burning gases that are stored in the wood naturally. With Pure Charcoal, these gases are removed during the production process so it does not produce smoke. Despite the meticulous, innovative production process, a piece of wood may not char properly in exceptional cases. This can also cause smoke. Also, bear in mind that food residues on the grill or in the charcoal can cause smoke too.

  • Is charcoal bad for you?

    Ordinary charcoal can release some fine dust during cooking, which can be harmful to health when inhaled, especially for people with respiratory conditions. Fortunately, you use very little charcoal for the Big Green Egg due to the heat conductivity of the ceramic. In addition, you largely cook with the dome closed, which keeps smoke inside. In any case, we always aim to improve and develop. Hence, our new Pure Charcoal. Better for the environment and better for you.

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