Refillable butane charcoal eggniter Big Green Egg

Vital for every EGGer. The Big Green Egg Charcoal EGGniter is a powerful mix of an adjustable burner and a blower. You ignite  and boost the fire in the coals within a few minutes. This BBQ starter is quick, easy and safe. Baby, you can light my fire!

The Big Green Egg Charcoal EGGniter can easily be refilled with butane and you can light your EGG again. Or a campfire, or your fireplace. Gratins and flambéing are also no problem for the EGGniter, aka torch lighter, which is cool. Erm, hot, we mean. Bring on the restaurant-worthy crème brûlée and the baguettes au gratin with cheese in the French onion soup.

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