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    Side dish

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  • Cooking technique

    Indirect cooking

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    4 persons

Wintery vegetable kebabs with purslane pesto

Vegetables are healthy fresh produce and the various seasons play an important role. There is always a large range that changes quite regularly, depending on the time of year. As such, you can also prepare delicious (vegetarian) dishes on the Big Green Egg in winter, using seasonal vegetables. This recipe is for vegetable skewers with winter vegetables, such as celeriac, turnip and carrots, served with a delicious purslane pesto!


For the kebabs

  • 1 medium carrot
  • ½ celeriac
  • ½ swede
  • 20 large Brussels sprouts
  • 100 g purslane
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 25 g pumpkin seeds
  • olive oil


  1. Heat the Big Green Egg with the Cast Iron Grid in place to 200 °C. Soak 8 wooden skewers in water. Peel the carrot, celeriac and swede. Cut the carrot into slices well over 1 cm thick and cut the celeriac and swede into 3 x 3 cm cubes. Clean the Brussels sprouts and wash all the vegetables.
  2. Then place every vegetable on its own piece of aluminium foil including the water clinging to them. Sprinkle with olive oil, pepper and salt and carefully mix. Carefully fold shut the aluminium, place the packages on the grid and allow to cook for approximately 15 minutes. Use a skewer to check whether they are done. Remove the packages from the EGG, allow the vegetables to cool slightly and then alternate them on the soaked skewers.
  3. In the meantime, cut the bottom of the purslane stalks off and wash the leaves. Gently dab dry using a clean tea towel. Reserve a couple of leaves for the garnish and put the rest in a blender. Peel the garlic and add this and the pumpkin seeds to the purslane. Blend till smooth at the same time pouring in enough oil to give the pesto the desired consistency. Season with pepper and salt.
  4. Grill the vegetable kebabs on the EGG. Distribute them across the plates spooning the purslane pesto onto and around them. If so desired, serve with stewed pears as the flavours combine stupendously well!

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