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  • Cooking technique

    Indirect cooking

  • Level


  • Prep time

    15 minutes

  • Cook time

    35 minutes

  • Total

    50 minutes

  • Amount

    2 persons

Omelette Saberienne with cherry and raspberry

Valentine’s Day is 14 February. That is the moment to surprise and spoil your loved one. Because the way to a person’s heart is often through their stomachs, you shall of course make something delicious in your Big Green Egg, such as this Omelette Sibérienne. An ice cream cake that is bursting with love! Make the preparations one day in advance so that you can put the base in the freezer for 12 hours. On the day itself, you only have to make the meringue and pipe it onto the base, after which you place the Omelette Sibérienne in your kamado in order to caramelise the meringue. You can add some red food colouring to the meringue to give it the colour of love.



  • 1 x 400 g pound cake
  • 1 tbsp cherry liqueur or juice from a jar of Amarena cherries
  • approx. 400 g vanilla ice cream
  • 10 Amarena cherries


  • 65 g sugar
  • 40 ml water
  • 65 g egg white
  • Red food colouring (optional)


  • 5 Amarena cherries
  • 5 raspberries
  • 5 mint leaves


  1. Cut the pound cake lengthwise into six equal slices. Place one slice in an oven dish that is just slightly larger than the slice of cake and sprinkle the cake with the tablespoon of cherry liqueur or the cherry juice. Use an ice cream scoop (for scoops of approximately Ø 3 centimeter) to make about eight scoops of ice cream on top of the slice of cake so that it is covered.
  2. Distribute ten of the Amarena cherries over the ice cream and then place another eight scoops of ice cream on top.
  3. Cover the sides and the top with slices of cake so that the ice cream is completely covered. Place in the freezer for 12 hours so that the ice cream, cherries and cake are thoroughly frozen.


  1. Ignite the charcoal in the Big Green Egg and heat, with the convEGGtor and the Stainless Steel Grid,  to a temperature of 240 °C.
  2. In the meantime, make a sugar syrup for the meringue by heating 50 grams of the sugar with the water to 120 °C. Whisk the egg white with the remaining sugar until airy in a grease-free mixing bowl. Continue whisking while pouring the sugar syrup in the whisked egg white and continue whisking until the egg white has cooled. Add one drop of the food colouring if desired.
  3. Scoop the meringue into a piping bag with a star nozzle (approximately 10 mm). Take the filled cake out of the freezer and pipe pretty rosettes on the cake so that the filled cake is totally enclosed in the meringue. Place the oven dish on the grid and close the lid of the EGG. Let the meringue caramelise 5-10 minutes.
  4. Remove the oven dish from the EGG and garnish with the Amarena cherries, raspberries and mint.

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