Thuisblijfactie Big Green Egg

Are you working from home, are the kids home, or both? Ignite the charcoal in your Big Green Egg to make the most delicious meals on your kamado. Go for low and slow, for instance – the EGG will do all the work for you. Make a lovely quick lunch or cook with the kids. Your home will be filled with fun in no time!

Low and slow

Slow cooking takes time but little effort. Not much work is needed – only patience. In other words, perfect if you’re working from home and want to serve a nice meal at the end of the day. Just light the charcoal in your Big Green Egg and bring it up to temperature. In the meantime, start up your computer and make a nice cup of coffee. Once the meat is on the EGG, you can almost forget about it because the temperature of the kamado is so stable. Depending on the recipe you choose, set a timer or use a probe thermometer . That way, you will be notified automatically when it is time to take a look at your EGG. And you can work while the EGG works for you in the meantime.

Great home lunch menu

If you work from home, you can make a quick and easy hot meal during your lunchbreak – on your Big Green Egg. Because it really doesn’t take much time to cook up something delicious on the EGG and treat yourself and your partner or family. If you have all the ingredients at hand, a nice, fancy lunch is ready in no time. It’s sure to be a tasty break from your working day. You’ll love it!

Cooking with the kids

Are you home with the kids? Cook together on the Big Green Egg and enjoy the results – what could be more fun and more delicious? You can make it extra fun and exciting for the kids by choosing recipes that they like and they can help make. As a mum or dad you only have to supervise and, if need be, do the cutting and handling of the kamado. If your kids are older, they can even be the BBQ pitmaster and surprise you with their cooking skills.

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