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  • Prep time

    30 (excl. 2-3 marinate) minutes

  • Cook time

    60 minutes

  • Total

    90 minutes

  • Amount

    2 persons

Club Sandwich With Smoked Chicken

Smoking organic chicken fillet yourself is absolutely worth it and very easy to do. The mouth-watering meat will taste great in a refreshing salad with mango and goat’s cheese, or on a sandwich. In this case, we use the meat in a recipe to make a traditional club sandwich.


For the sandwhiches

  • 2 organic chicken fillets
  • coarse sea salt
  • sugar
  • 6 pieces of white bread
  • ½ bunch chives
  • 1 lime
  • 3 heaped tbsp mayonnaise
  • 3 heaped tbsp crème fraîche
  • ¼ red cabbage
  • ¼ iceberg lettuce
  • 1 beef tomato
  • 1 boiled egg
  • ¼ cucumber
  • 2 heaped tbsp coarse mustard
  • 6 pieces of bacon, crispy fried


  1. Sprinkle the chicken fillets with coarse sea salt and sugar. Leave to soak for 2-3 hours in the refrigerator.


  1. Soak a handful of Apple Wood Chips in water. Distribute three charcoal starters over the charcoal and ignite them. Open the draft door of the ceramic base and leave the lid open for 10 minutes. Take the fillets out of the fridge and rinse them thoroughly. Dab them dry.
  2. Sprinkle the soaked Wood Chips onto the glowing charcoal, fit the convEGGtor and the Stainless Steel Grid into the EGG. Put the fillets on top, close the lid immediately, and close the draft door to leave only 1½ centimetres open. Allow the temperature to gradually reach 120°C. Leave the chicken fillet to cook until the core temperature has reached 70°C. Check this using the Instant Read Thermometer. Remove the fillets from the grid and leave to cool.
  3. Meanwhile, grill the slices of bread lightly on the grid. Chop the chives finely, grate the lime zest and mix with the mayonnaise and the crème fraîche. Season with the lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. Slice the red cabbage and the iceberg lettuce into thin strips. Cut the tomato and the egg into slices and shred ribbons off the cucumber. Cut one of the chicken fillets into thin slices and use the second chicken fillet in a salad, for example.
  4. Spread one slice of bread with the mayonnaise mix and top it with the iceberg lettuce, tomato and crispy bacon. Lay the next slice of bread on top, spread it with grainy mustard and top it with cucumber, smoked chicken, red cabbage and egg slices. Spread another slice of bread with the mayonnaise mix and use it to complete the sandwich, spread side down. Insert two wooden skewers into the sandwich and cut it in half diagonally. Repeat with the remaining ingredients.

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