Perforated Cooking Grid

The Perforated Cooking Grid prevents small or cubed vegetables, mushrooms or fruits de mer from falling though the openings of the grid of your Big Green Egg. Just place it on your grid. The small perforations ensure that the ingredients will still acquire that unequalled EGG flavour.

It would be a shame if your lovely ingredients did not end up on your plate. You can prevent all this misery by placing them on the Perforated Cooking Grid. You can also use it to heat up and serve your pizza. You will probably find that this grid is one of your most used accessories. 

The Perforated Porcelain Grid is available in various sizes for different models: 

  • Half round with a 41 cm diameter for the Large, XLarge and 2XL models.  
  • Half round with a 58 cm diameter for the XLarge and 2XL models. 
  • Round with a 33 cm diameter  available from the MiniMax onward. 

Model Code
Half round:
2XL, XLarge

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