cast iron satay grill

Satay is everybody’s friend on the Big Green Egg. Therefore this Cast Iron Satay Grill has come along at just the right time.  Marinate and skewer your favourite ingredients and put them on the specially designed half grid. No wobbling, half-cooked or flaming skewers, but nice and evenly cooking satay … or kebab,  or yakitori. Whatever you feel like!

You can do it with chicken, goat, pork tenderloin or lamb. But satay with bavette, scallops or even a type of fruit will do great on your EGG as well.

cast iron satay grill

Are you expecting a big crowd? With 2 Satay Grills, you can cover the entire surface of your EGG and make twice as much food. It’s a high-quality (100% Dutch) product made of indestructible cast iron. The specific design lets you pick up the ends of your bamboo skewers from the EGG without gloves, and the power of the flames makes your creations crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Including Big Green Egg Bamboo Skewers for the ultimate presentation.

Model Code
Large 700485

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