Tomatoes and pineapple on Cast Iron Plancha

Do you sometimes have ingredients fall through the gaps in the grid when cooking in your Big Green Egg? For this our range features the Cast Iron Plancha. You can grill small, delicate ingredients on the ribbed side of this cast iron plate, and pancakes or eggs on the smooth side.

Do you want to seal meat quickly to preserve the tasty juices? Then the Cast Iron Plancha is the perfect outdoor kitchen tool. It is also ideal for pan-frying sea bass skin side down, or cooking herb crusted trout. Or for sautéing vegetables or frying bacon. Grilling on the plate is not only fast, it is also easy and addictively tasty. The Cast Iron Plancha has a 35 cm diameter.

Using cast iron

What should you pay attention to when using cast iron accessories for the first time? And how should you season cast iron? This video explains everything.

Model Code
2XL, XLarge, Large 127860

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