The entire Big Green Egg family of ceramic barbecues is very popular when it comes to outdoor cooking. But it has to be admitted, we do covet a particular soft spot for our Big Green Egg MiniMax: the compact kamado with max performance. The little kamado holds its own in your back garden, but is the perfect barbecue for use on your balcony or roof-top patio, too.

Going away for the weekend, or out for a day in the park? The MiniMax is happy to come along and ideal company when you’re out and about. Its compact size and light weight mean it’s always ready to go. Wherever, whenever, you’ll always have the best kamado barbecue at your fingertips for a tasteful evening with friends and family.

All the Benefits

Let’s start with what makes the MiniMax so unique in the big green family. This intrepid little EGG offers the best of two worlds: it has the small, manageable dimensions of the Big Green Egg Mini, but boasts the much larger cooking surface of the Big Green Egg Small. That makes it easy to cook for groups of four to six people on a compact, small kamado. It can be placed on a table during a party, but also taken to the park or beach. Weighing in at 35 kilogrammes, it can be effortlessly carried by two people using the EGG Carrier that comes with it.

The possibilities of a kamado might surprise you! Do you have a small garden, or no garden at all? There’s always space for the MiniMax on your balcony or roof-top patio. Cook delicious flammkuchen on long, hot, summer evenings, or serve sizzling smoked salmon for lunch. Are you the proud owner of a spacious outdoor kitchen and looking for something to complement it? The MiniMax is a popular model with which to extend your Big Green Egg family. In its Portable Nest, it will always stand at the right height beside your BIG GREEN EGG LARGE, or Modular EGG Workspace. You’ll be able to cook those extra dishes all at the same time!

Make Your MiniMax Complete

The Big Green Egg MiniMax is a ceramic charcoal barbecue. But that description doesn’t do it the justice it deserves. It is an ideal outdoor-cooking appliance that offers endless possibilities: grilling, smoking, slow cooking, baking and stewing, to name a few. What do you say? A pizza party in the park? Steak to perfection on your balcony? Or maybe the ultimate stew to warm your friends on cooler evenings. Read all about the possibilities and Big Green Egg accessories in the product catalogue. Discover the versatility of a kamado.


MiniMax in Portable Nest

Portable Nest

The MiniMax weighs a lot less than the larger EGG models and comes standard with the EGG Carrier: a small stand with handles. The EGG Carrier makes it easy to take your little kamado with you wherever you go. Has it staked its claim somewhere in your garden, or do you want to be able to cook at a comfortable height when out? The Portable Nest will prove to be a very handy accessory. Venture into the great outdoors in style and fold out the nest and get EGGing! All done? Unfasten the clips, lift out your EGG and fold away its Portable Nest. You’re ready hit the road again.

Acaca Wood EGG Mates Big Green Egg

Acacia Wood EGG Mates

A luxury outdoor kitchen with cooking island… it’s everybody’s dream, obviously. If room is lacking, however, or you want to extend your work space, then the EGG Mates may well be for you. They are small worktops made of sustainably harvested acacia wood that can be attached to your Big Green Egg. Acacia is a hardwood with a striking pattern that is often used for chic furniture. The practical, fold-down side tables are the ideal place to place your ingredients and hang handy tools, like your tea towel and tongs. And they look incredibly smart. Just the picture!

MiniMax Cover

EGG Cover

A Big Green Egg is for life. Properly maintained, it’ll be an integral part of fond memories for generations. An EGG Cover protects your Big Green Egg from the elements. Hail or heatwave? Its top-quality, ventilating protective coat withstands all weathers. Does your MiniMax stand in an EGG Carrier, or do you have one in combination with a Portable Nest? There’s an EGG Cover available for both options.

Man making soupe in a Cast Iron Dutch Oven on a Big Green Egg MiniMax kamado

The Highest Quality For a Lower Price

Are you looking for a low-priced kamado that still offers the highest quality? Then the MiniMax is your perfect choice. It enables you to enjoy all the benefits of a smaller Big Green Egg at low cost, without compromising on the unsurpassed taste of the dishes you prepare. It is a great alternative to the bigger Big Green Egg models if you’re on a low budget because it offers all the features essential to a kamado: high-quality ceramics from America, perfect air circulation and temperature regulation and overall durability – it’s what makes the Big Green Egg so unique. And let’s not forget its iconic looks!

Read all about it here.

Buying a Big Green Egg MiniMax

Not long now… Very soon you will be able to enjoy the thrills and flavours of kamado cooking on your new Big Green Egg! But what should you look out for when purchasing a Big Green Egg? To start with, we advise you to visit an official dealer in your neighbourhood. There, you will be able to make real-life acquaintance with your EGG before it arrives on your doorstep. It will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have so that you’ll be fully prepared to get EGGing.

Your Big Green Egg comes with a lifetime warranty if you are the first owner and register your new EGG. This is important to bear in mind if you’re considering purchasing a second-hand Big Green Egg, or adopting one from a previous owner. When purchasing a kamado, it is a good idea to be well informed and always read the service and warranty terms and conditions in full.
Do you need further convincing before purchasing a Big Green Egg? Or are you perhaps looking to expand your culinary skills? Then a Big Green Egg workshop  is definitely for you!

During the workshop, you will be introduced to all the possibilities and basic skills by a professional Big Green Egg chef.

Get EGGing

Did you know that thanks to its compact size, the Big Green Egg MiniMax is increasingly making its way into restaurant kitchens? The ceramic cooker is perfect for preparing not only the tastiest, but also the most varied of dishes. Would you like some inspiration before you get started? Here are a number of great dishes that are ideal to prepare on your MiniMax:


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