Big Green Egg product development

Trends come and go. Only the very best remain – such as the Big Green Egg – the best kamado since 1974. Yet we continuously innovate, keeping an eye on technological developments, in order to produce the best ceramic BBQ in the world.


The Evergreen

In fact, the Big Green Egg can be compared to a good dish, a taste of classic cuisine. The base is fantastic and everlasting, as is our ceramic and indestructible porcelain glaze coating. A reliable foundation. The durable and strong ceramic, produced with the aid of technologies developed by NASA, is one of the things that make this kamado so unique. And the colour? There’s no arguing about that because the Big Green Egg is, on all fronts, The Evergreen.

Big Green Egg reinvents

In the way that a small adjustment can make a dish taste even better, the same applies to the best ceramic BBQ. By improving one of the components and by continuously focussing on additional accessories to make EGGing even easier and even more fun.

We take care of the research and testing (sometimes for many years) for you. Only when we’re sure that something is perfect, do we reveal our new findings to you. The ‘easy to lift’ system, the rEGGulator, the IntEGGrated Nest + Handler, the EGGspander and the Portable Nest. These are just a few of the novelties on offer. We will explain the advantages below, step by step:

IntEGGrated Nest+ Handler Big Green Egg

Safe to move | IntEGGrated Nest + Handler

The well-known movable Nest is an absolute must if your EGG is not positioned on a table. We recommend that you combine it with the Nest Handler, for a good grip. The premise that this duo is inextricably linked, gave reason for a new design: the IntEGGrated Nest + Handler. The powder-coated cylindrical frame ensures a solid connection. It provides for a stable and safe housing for the EGG, places it at a pleasant height and makes it easy to move around.

Particularly during an intense smoke session, your neighbours will appreciate this. Or if you wish to wheel the EGG over to the garden table or lounge set. And how about a cold winter’s day? Just manoeuvre it towards the back door and lock the two wheels intended for this purpose. Thanks to the wide handle and improved castors, this can be done effortlessly. The IntEGGrated Nest + Handler can even handle that gravelled path with ease.

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Effortlessly open and closed | easy to lift system

Your EGG may be a powerhouse, but no need for you to be one. All credit goes to the well thought-out and patented ‘easy to lift’ system. The system’s bands around the base and dome are not made of stainless steel but of powder-coated strip steel – to perfectly match a ceramic BBQ. One of the characteristics of ceramic is that it expands and shrinks during heating or cooling. In contrast to stainless steel, strip steel has similar characteristics and adjusts its shape accordingly. It is less porous and chances of any breakage are negligible.

When opened, the dome tilts partially behind the ceramic base. Which is why the easy to lift system is also popularly referred to as the ‘new hinge’. With minimal effort, you can open the dome using one hand, which means the other is free to hold your BBQ tongs or a lovely glass of wine. Closing the dome is just as effortless, in order to make it as easy as possible for you.

Gasket kit Big Green Egg

The perfect intermediate layer | felt

Chances are that you think not much can be improved when it comes to felt. After all, it’s only a layer on the ceramic base and the dome. But it’s an absolute must for protecting the ceramic and preventing air leaks. Undamaged felt ensures a good airflow in the EGG, allowing for the even cooking of your ingredients and dishes. The Big Green Egg’s new high-tech felt can withstand very high temperatures. So by all means heat up your EGG to bake a tasty pizza at high temperature. What to do if the felt needs to be replaced after a couple of years? The Gasket Kit, a roll of self-adhesive felt, will make your EGG as good as new.

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Two Tel-Tru Temperature Gauge Big Green Egg

Knowledge is power | Tel-Tru Temperature Gauge

During cooking it’s all about techniques and temperatures. The starting temperature of your product and the ultimate core temperature that will tell you when it’s nearly time to eat. And let’s not forget the temperature inside your EGG. Because knowledge is power. For this reason, each Big Green Egg comes with a dome thermometer, the Tel-Tru Temperature Gauge. With the larger models, we are now taking a big approach with the new 8 cm diameter thermometer. Sturdy as they come, thanks to the large size and the shockproof glass. Would you also like one of these extra-large thermometers for your MiniMax or Medium model? They are also available separately, to upgrade these models as well.

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rEGGulator daisy disk Big Green Egg with raincap above

Perfect temperature control | rEGGulator and Rain Cap

Low and slow or hot and fast? Whatever the temperature you are EGGing at, you must be confident that it’s easy and accurate to set. This is why Big Green Egg has developed the rEGGulator – a modernised version of the trusted dual function metal top, which was further perfected. The solid, cast iron draft door 2.0 comes with a big advantage as opposed to steel draft doors, which can become distorted.

Other advantages in addition to the perfect temperature control are the durable cast iron, the ergonomic and modern design, the silicon (thus cold) adjustment handle and rust-resistant coating. This all saves on maintenance. After EGGing, close the rEGGulator and your Big Green Egg is now completely airtight so that the charcoal extinguishes. Ready for storage, but not for long, obviously.

Since when has a bit of rain stopped you from igniting the charcoal? The same goes for your Big Green Egg. You can protect the ingredients by placing the Rain Cap on the rEGGulator. In this way, unwanted moisture doesn’t stand a chance.

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Big Green Egg kamado MiniMax on Portable nest

Do (even) more with your MiniMax | Portable Nest and Acacia Wood EGG Mates

With the MiniMax you have so many possibilities. You can prepare the tastiest of dishes at home, in your garden. But on your balcony, at the campsite or at an awesome picnic spot, this portable model is also an asset. Thanks to the Portable Nest,  your cooking will always be at the right level. All you have to do is fold out the Nest, click in your EGG and ignite the charcoal!

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Acaca Wood EGG Mates Big Green Egg

Do you want to do even more with your MiniMax? Give it some extra body with the Acacia Wood EGG Mates. You can assemble and disassemble these beautiful hardwood side tables within a matter of seconds. This makes them also useful on location. Ideal for holding your bowl with ingredients, to hang one of your tools from or to park your glass temporarily.

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Big Green Egg 5 piece eggspander kit

Increase your options | 5-Piece EGGspander Kit

Are you enjoying the power of your EGG on a regular basis? Do you love to learn and experiment? Then add the 5-Piece EGGspander Kit to your wish list. Because with this 5-piece kit you can really indulge; whether you intend to apply different cooking techniques simultaneously, to grill cowboy style, or to cook on different levels, with the added advantage of greatly expanding your cooking surface.

This new, well thought-out kit consists of an convEGGtor Basket, which allows you to safely and easily place and remove your convEGGtor or wok, a two-part Multi-Level Rack and two half stainless steel grids. You can combine all components and many of the accessories that you undoubtedly have, as EGG enthusiast. The 5-Piece EGGspander Kit does however come with a risk. Once you’re used to it, you cannot do without it!

The many advantages of the EGGspander Kit

Nest Utility Rack Big Green Egg

Nest Utility Rack

Typically one of those items you never thought of before, but indispensable once you have one. The new Big Green Egg Nest Utility Rack will give you additional space there where you need it; around your EGG.

Nest Utility Rack

EGG Genius Big Green Egg

EGG Genius

This technical device checks and monitors the temperature of your EGG and sends it to your smartphone or tablet.

EGG Genius

It goes to show that even a classic such as the Big Green Egg will keep up with the times. The Evergreen has been on the market for almost 50 years, but we will continue to modernise and innovate!

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