This technical device checks and monitors the temperature of your EGG and sends it to your smartphone or tablet. In this way, you can enjoy some tasty binge watching on those cold winter days while slow cooking to the exact degree. The EGG Genius ensures a constant airflow enabling you to continue to cook at a constant temperature.

The reviews make us blush. But fair is fair, the EGG Genius more than lives up to its reputation. You will get a notification if the temperature in your EGG is either too high or too low. The same applies when sitting down to eat. You can even inspect the statistics of your previous EGG sessions. It goes without saying that the EGG Genius is easy to install and that you can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store. And who will receive the credit for the perfect result? You!

Expand your EGG Genius with extra options:
Monitoring different meat dishes at the same time in your EGG with the expanding options on the EGG Genius. Use up to three meat probes at once! Additional meat probes with Y-cable can be purchased separately.


Item Code
EGG Genius 121059
Additional meat probe 121363
Additional Y-Cable 121387

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