Big Green Egg BBQ classics

While Big Green EGG is so much more than just a barbecue, you can of course also prepare the most delicious BBQ classics on it. From tasty, sticky chicken wings and juicy hamburgers to a sturdy brisket. This time, Big Green Egg expert Ralph de Kok is going back to basics with some of his American BBQ recipes.

Basic barbecuing

The Big Green Egg is known not only for the great taste it gives dishes and ingredients. For many people, the quality, stability and versatility is a reason to opt for this all-round cooking device. You can use it to make an infinite number of dishes, whether you’re cooking a one-pan dish, freshly baked bread or a typical barbecue classic.

Most BBQ classics are grill dishes. After all, going back in time to the first barbecues, they were nothing more or less than structures on which ingredients – usually meat – were grilled on a grid above charcoal. After Ed Fisher – founder of Big Green Egg Inc. – discovered the kamado in Japan, he quickly added a grid to this clay cooking pot, with thanks to American barbecue culture.

This allowed him to create an all-round cooking device to grill, fry, boil, stew, smoke and cook low & slow. Throughout the years, he perfected his discovery and developed his own design using the best materials, all of which resulted in the modern Big Green Egg.

Closed lid

With BBQ classics on the menu, the Big Green Egg has great added value. Just like with any other cooking technique on the Big Green Egg, when you grill, you do so with the lid closed. This keeps the ingredients juicier and significantly reduces the risk of flames and thus burning in the event of dripping fat.

Sometimes, it can be handy to use accessories. Cuts of chicken, which are often grilled, can be grilled using a convEGGtor to make them nice and crispy. For the best hamburgers, the standard grilling method is all you need, but you can add a fun twist to this classic by filling the burger as well.

A nice piece of meat like brisket is perfect for cooking at a low temperature, making it much easier to properly cook this difficult-to-prepare cut. Brisket has a reputation of getting dry quickly, but the good moisture regulation in the EGG will keep the meat nice and juicy.

The Big Green Egg offers lots of options for preparing the classics in an easy, surprising way, always with a delicious result!

Preparing BBQ classics on the Big Green Egg? Give these 3 recipes a try!



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