• Course

    Side dish

  • Category

    Pastas & Breads

  • Cooking technique


  • Level


  • Prep time

    60 (18 hours rise) minutes

  • Cook time

    70 minutes

  • Total

    130 minutes

  • Amount

    1 pieces

No-knead bread

Almost every bread recipe emphasises the importance of properly kneading the dough, because if the dough hasn’t been kneaded well enough, the bread is doomed to fail… The dough won’t rise enough resulting in dense, hard to digest bread. Thankfully, there is one recipe for baking bread on the Big Green Egg where kneading is less important; this recipe for no-knead bread. One of the most important ingredients of this recipe is time.


For a multigrain no-knead bread

  • 850 g 6-grain mix
  • 15 g salt
  • 7 g dry yeast
  • 663 g water


  1. Mix the ingredients with a spoon. Allow to rise in a bowl covered with clingfilm at room temperature for 16 hours.
  2. Dust your work space with plenty of flour, pour the dough onto the surface and fold shut from both sides multiple times, leaving the fold on one side. Continue until you have created a ball.
  3. Dust the bowl with flour and return the ball to it with the fold facing up. Allow to rise (covered with clingfilm) for a further two hours.


  1. Heat the Big Green Egg with the convEGGtor, Stainless Steel Grid and Flat Baking Stone in place to 220 °C. Pre-heat the Cast Iron Dutch Oven in the EGG. Grease lightly with some oil and dump the dough into the Cast Iron Dutch Oven in one go. Bake the bread with the lid on the Cast Iron Dutch Oven for the first half hour, then without for an additional 20 minutes.

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