Pizza special

Have you ever baked a ready-made pizza in the Big Green Egg? Making your own fresh pizza is more fun, more delicious and more nutritious! The basis consists of a good pizza dough recipe for the base and the pizza sauce, which you can make in advance. After that, just add your favourite toppings and it will be ready in 5 minutes!


The perfect pizza

According to Neapolitan pizza bakers, there is nothing better than a traditional wood-fired stone oven to bake the perfect pizza. Stone ovens can withstand high temperatures and the natural stone retains the heat well. Both of these factors are essential for a nice crispy base. And by using wood as fuel, your pizza will have a delicious, authentic taste. With the Big Green Egg, you can create exactly the same effect, allowing you to bake the perfect pizza quickly and easily at home.

Authentic crispy base

By placing the convEGGtor under the grid, you create a natural barrier above the direct heat of the charcoal, which is essential to prevent the base of your pizza from burning. Because the lid of the EGG is always closed between actions, the heat circulates in the same way as in a fan-assisted oven. This airflow heats the pizza all over, ensuring an even cooking process. As an added bonus, the airflow gives your pizza that characteristic charcoal aroma. By placing the Baking Stone on the grid, you create your own stone oven. Perfect in combination with the right temperature – and, of course, a good pizza dough recipe, which is a must for that authentic crispy base. An additional advantage of the Big Green Egg is that, unlike a stone oven, it heats up fast, allowing you to bake faster and use less fuel in the process.

Make your own pizza

All you need to make fresh pizza, apart from an EGG, convEGGtor, Baking Stone and a pizza dough recipe, is homemade pizza sauce and fresh ingredients. Be inspired by the classic flavours of the Pizza Margherita and Quattro Formaggi, and prepare to be surprised by the taste of the tuna and seaweed pizza. Chances are that you will acquire a taste for baking pizza and, after picking up the basics, will start experimenting with all sorts of toppings. That way, you will not just bake the perfect pizza, you will also create your own signature pizza!




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