Using the convEGGtor and the Baking Stone, you can very easily turn your EGG into a stone oven in which you can bake the tastiest of pizzas and the most delicious bread. This allows for an endless variation of great food and makes outdoor cooking even more fun. Are you curious as to how baking in the Big Green Egg works? We will be happy to explain everything to you!

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Baking pizzas in the Big Green Egg

To bake pizzas in the Big Green Egg proceed as follows:

Step 1: Fill the EGG with charcoal and starters and ignite the starters.

Step 2: When the starters have burned up, position the convEGGtor in the EGG with the feet facing upwards and place the Stainless Steel Grid on top of it.

Baking Stone - Big Green Egg

Step 3: Heat the EGG to a temperature of approximately 250°C. To achieve such a high temperature, open the draft door in the ceramic base to at least 3/4 and fully open the dual function rEGGulator on the ceramic lid. Once the desired temperature has been reached, (partially) close the dual function rEGGulator to keep the temperature constant.

Step 4: About 10 minutes before baking the pizzas, place the Baking Stone on the Stainless Steel Grid so that it can preheat. This will prevent the pizza base from burning and the pizza dough from sticking to the stone while being baked.

Putting flour on a Ceramic Baking Stone in the big green egg Big Green Egg kamado

Step 5: Once your EGG reaches the right temperature and the Flat Baking Stone is hot, sprinkle a thin layer of flour on the stone and place your pizza in the EGG. You can easily do this with the help of the Aluminium Pizza Peel. The flour will also prevent the base from sticking to the stone.

Step 6: Close the ceramic lid, keep an eye on the temperature and wait until your pizza is ready to eat! Most pizzas cook in just a few minutes, so you can easily bake a stack of pizzas one after the other!

Pizza Cutter Big Green Egg cutting a slice of pizza

Step 7: Once the pizza is ready, remove it from the Baking Stone (possibly using the Aluminium Pizza Peel), cut it into slices and serve to your hungry guests. Buon appetito!

After baking, allow the convEGGtor and the Baking Stone to cool down gradually in the (closed) EGG.

Baking bread in the Big Green Egg

Baking bread in the Big Green Egg is very similar to baking pizzas, with the exception of a few details:

  • Pizzas are baked for a few minutes at a high temperature. Bread is often baked for longer at a lower temperature. In other words, do not heat the EGG to an extremely high temperature and close the dual function rEGGulator a bit earlier to achieve a stable temperature of about 200°C. The exact temperature depends on the type of bread you are baking and the recipe.
  • When baking bread, before placing the Stainless Steel Grid and the Baking Stone, it helps to put a bowl of water on the convEGGtor to help the bread rise.

There is almost no end to the delicious breads and pizzas that can be baked in the Big Green Egg. If you have tried out numerous types of breads and pizzas and are keen to try something else, read more on the pages Direct grilling, Indirect cooking or Smoking.

Safety tips

A Big Green Egg is very safe to use provided the EGG is used for its intended purpose and certain guidelines are followed. You must always be very careful when working with fire or heat. The same applies to working with a Big Green Egg! While using your EGG, heed the safety tips below and be careful when igniting the charcoal and working with the glowing coals and hot surfaces and materials. That way you can enjoy using your Big Green Egg and savour the mouth-watering flavours of all the tasty dishes.

  • Do not use the EGG indoors

    Do not ignite the EGG indoors or in a space with insufficient ventilation. Although some professionals may use the EGG in their kitchens, this is always in accordance with the building regulations and requires the presence of professional ventilation and a fire fighting system.

  • Take local regulations into account when EGGing outdoors

    Cooking on an open fire is not permitted everywhere. If you are on a campsite or having a picnic, you must comply with the local regulations, temporary or otherwise. It is possible that cooking on an open fire is allowed but that special rules apply – for example, in relation to the distance between the cooking appliance and certain objects.

  • Do not use lighter fluid or other combustible fluids to ignite the EGG

    The Premium Organic Lump Charcoal of Big Green Egg ignites very quickly when using natural starters or an electric lighter. Do not use briquettes, lighter fluid or other combustible fluids. This could cause the warranty to lapse and it could also impair the flavour of the products to be cooked.

  • Keep the mesh of the draft door closed

    By keeping the mesh closed, you prevent any sparks escaping from the EGG and avoid the risk of burning charcoal falling out of the EGG, however small this risk may be. You only need to slide the mesh open when removing cold ashes.

  • Never remove or move the fire box if it is hot or contains hot charcoal

    The ceramic material of the fire box retains heat for a long time. Wait before removing or moving the fire box and/or the charcoal in the fire box until you are sure that both the charcoal and the fire box have cooled down fully.

  • After igniting the EGG, place the dual function rEGGulator on the chimney

    Without the cast iron dual function rEGGulator, the temperature in the EGG will rise substantially without you being able to control it.

  • Never look into the chimney when the EGG is in use

    The chimney is not a viewing window. Never look into it when the EGG is in use or when the charcoal is burning because the hot air rising from the chimney could cause serious injuries.

  • Be careful when touching the outside of the EGG

    Although a Big Green Egg will not become as hot on the outside as a steel barbecue, for example, it will still feel hot when in use or before it has cooled down. Always keeps children, pets and combustible materials away from the EGG.

  • Use the proper accessories to lift the grids

    When the EGG is in use, the grids in the EGG (the Stainless Steel Grid and the Cast Iron Grid) become hot. That is why you should use the specially designed Grid Gripper or the Cast Iron Grid Lifter to grasp and lift the hot grids.

  • Be careful when removing used accessories

    Always apply extreme caution when removing hot components and accessories from the EGG, such as the convEGGtor or the Flat Baking Stone. You should always use heat-resistant gloves such as the EGGmitt or the Silicone Grilling Mitt, as well as the right tools, in order to prevent burns. Stainless steel, cast iron and ceramics can become extremely hot. Place used accessories on a non-combustible surface where they will not be touched accidentally and cause burns.

  • Always be aware of a fire hazard!

    Never leave a working EGG with an open lid unattended. When the EGG is being used, beware of any dry leaves, wooden floors and other combustible materials in the direct vicinity. They could present a fire hazard if they come into contact with sparks or hot charcoal. Also keep a close eye on your surroundings when using the EGG. Fire can be hazardous to people, animals, property and nature.

  • Preventing a backdraft during or after use

    Once the charcoal in the EGG is burning, you must first open the lid carefully about 5 centimetres a few times before opening it fully. This allows air to flow into the EGG slowly, preventing a backdraft from occurring. Be very careful when you open a hot EGG with a closed dual function rEGGulator and draft door, as the sudden inflow of air could cause dangerously high flames. If this does happen, close the lid immediately to extinguish the flames, then carefully open the lid a few centimetres several times before opening it fully. We recommend that you always wear heat-resistant gloves and that you ensure adequate personal protection.

  • Never extinguish the charcoal using water

    If you close the draft door after use and cover the chimney with the ceramic snuffer cap, the charcoal will die down in about 20 minutes. This means that you never have to use water or any other extinguishing agent.

Big Green Egg has done everything possible to ensure the safety of the appliance when in use. However, the users themselves are responsible for their own safety and that of their environment. Users must always act prudently and handle the EGG and the accessories with caution.

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