Big green egg open flavour

The pioneer in manufacturing outdoor cooking appliances will be presenting its cult brand and extensive product assortment at the international trade fair in Cologne. The grill professionals, Tom Heinzle and Thomas and Jenny Eriksson-Fröhlich, will be pampering visitors with culinary treats at the unique Wildfire on Tour truck.​

Stuttgart, 4 September 2017 – Enjoying life with all senses, especially taste. Under this motto, Big Green Egg, the original in the kamado market, will present its extensive product assortment at the leading international garden trade fair in Cologne, featuring its barbecue and outdoor cooking appliance of the same name. Visitors can submerge themselves in the world of the cult brand at stand E040 F041 031 in Hall 07.1 from 3 to 5 September 2017. In addition to seven models, from the Mini EGG to the XXL, Big Green Egg will be presenting numerous accessories. Thomas and Jenny Eriksson-Fröhlich, award-winning grill professionals from Sweden, will invite visitors to plunge into the world of exceptional tastes produced by Big Green Egg at the new Big Green Egg Wildfire on Tour Truck in the outdoor area. The new Big Green Egg testimonial chef will also be there: Tom Heinzle, grill professional and bestselling author, will provide culinary moments of superlative taste.

Frequently copied, never equalled

The unmistakable green, egg-shaped design is not Big Green Egg’s only special feature. Most notably, there’s its history. Big Green Egg is a state-of-the-art cooking appliance that combines more than 3,000 years of Japanese oven-building tradition with present-day ceramics technology. The American entrepreneur Ed Fisher was the first to recognise the potential of the characteristic Asian barrel oven in the 1970s, and he perfected it using high-quality, ceramics advanced by NASA. It is extremely robust and guaranteed for life. The special ceramics and exceptional design ensure that the inside of the Big Green Egg is capable of reaching temperatures up to 350°C. Another advantage is that the temperature can be adjusted with an accuracy of 1°C thanks to the meticulous air circulation using two air inlets. This makes the Big Green Egg a true all-rounder that can be used for grilling, baking, smoking, cooking, boiling and slow cooking.

The right EGG for every moment

The original among the ceramics grills is making its comeback at the spoga+gafa with innovative products and culinary treats at the Wildfire on Tour truck, a truck that has been converted into a mobile Big Green Egg gourmet kitchen containing all seven EGGs. The sales boosting MiniMax model will be there as well. It has some special features. As a result of its low height and relatively low weight of 35kg, the MiniMax is not only excellently suited to be used at home or in a professional kitchen, but can also be taken along to a campsite or on a picnic without any problem. The Large EGG with a 46cm grid diameter is the preferred size for culinary moments with family and friends. Whether you are organising a garden party or a winter barbecue, the grid’s cooking surface offers so much space that it is easy to prepare a wide range of delicious dishes simultanuously. The extensive range of accessories, such as the flat baking stone, roasting thermometer, cast iron pans or Dutch Oven, makes it even easier to prepare almost any dish on the Big Green Egg.

Focus on the German market

In many countries, Big Green Egg has achieved cult status. In Europe alone, more than 60,000 people enjoy their EGG on a daily basis. Big Green Egg has had a successful presence on the German market for over 10 years now. For Big Green Egg, Germany is a key market. In order to achieve even closer contact with fans, customers and business partners, the company established Big Green Egg Deutschland GmbH in January 2017. “We are pleased to represent Big Green Egg Deutschland GmbH at the spoga+gafa for the first time after some some years and to be able to present the brand,” said Florian Knecht, Managing Director of Big Green Egg Deutschland GmbH. “It is our goal to steadily increase the presence of the Big Green Egg brand on the German market over the coming months and to extend our premium reseller distribution network. The spoga+gafa trade fair is an excellent springboard for this.”

Collaboration with grill master Tom Heinzle

For this purpose, Big Green Egg Deutschland will be receiving the dynamic support of Tom Heinzle. This grill professional, bestselling author and renowned Big Green Egg fan has been cooking, grilling, baking, smoking and tendering on the green kamado of the international cult brand since summer. He embodies the mission of Big Green Egg almost to perfection: Inspiring people through natural enjoyment. In the German-speaking world, the Austrian from Vorarlberg has been seen as a lateral thinker and trendsetter in the area of grilling and outdoor cooking for many years now. Tom Heinzle is renowned for his passion and love of experimenting. He combines high-quality and natural ingredients in a creative way, producing exceptional taste experiences. He is very successful at this. Together with his grill team, Tom Heinzle has been vice world champion and Austrian champion in grilling several times. In addition, he has written several books on this theme, including the bestsellers ‘Wintergrillen’, ‘Wild Grillen’ and ‘Tom’s Grillwerkstatt’.

Big green egg open flavour

The kamado of Big Green Egg leaves no culinary wishes unfulfilled.

Wildfire on tour

In the unique Wildfire on Tour truck, visitors can experience every Big Green Egg model.

About Big Green Egg – the original

Big Green Egg is a state-of-the-art cooking appliance based on the more than 3000-year-old Japanese ‘kamado’ tradition. The company with the same name was the first to recognise the potential of the characteristic Asian barrel oven in the 1970s and, using high-quality, ceramics advanced by NASA, perfected the modern kamado: the Big Green Egg. In the meantime, the popular brand of this pioneer has reached cult status worldwide and Big Green Eggs can be found all around the world, in aficionados’ outdoor kitchens and restaurants alike. The unique ceramics technology is extremely robust and guaranteed for life. The excellent insulating properties combined with an exceptional design have made the Egg a true all-rounder that accentuates the aromas of natural foodstuffs in an incomparable manner. Thanks to its temperature scale from 70 to 350°C that can be accurately controlled to within 1°C, and its numerous accessories, Big Green Egg can be used for grilling, baking, smoking, cooking, boiling and slow cooking. The cooking appliance is available in seven sizes, from Mini to XXLarge.

The Big Green Egg company was founded in Atlanta, Georgia (USA) on 1 December 1974 and distributes its high-quality kamados worldwide. Since January 2002, Big Green Egg Europe B.V. has been present on the European market as an independent company, having its place of business in De Lier. The company sells its products through numerous stationary premium resellers.

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