Will you be setting your alarm to watch as much of the Winter Olympics as possible? Invite friends and family over to enjoy the Games with a Korean BBQ! While the athletes rest after fierce competition in Pyongyang, you can stay in the Olympic flow with these Korean recipes. With this fun type of Korean cuisine, you can serve the dishes one after another, but you can also make them in advance and put them all on the table at the same time. After all, they taste just as good when served at room temperature!


Seasoning and flavouring

Garlic, ginger, chili peppers, soy sauce and sesame oil are the most important seasonings and flavours of Korean cuisine. If you have these at home, you only need a few extra ingredients to do some lovely Korean cooking, as the dishes are pure and surprisingly simple. Less is more!

Complete preparation in advance

Another advantage of a Korean barbecue is that you can prepare everything in advance. Once the meat is in the marinade and you have made the batter for the savoury pancakes, you will still have some time for yourself before your guests arrive. The ssamjang paste that you serve on the side is available off the shelf, but it only takes five minutes to make this delicious sauce yourself; fresh, without unnecessary additives. As such, it will be healthier and tastier.

The perfect Korean barbecue

During an authentic Korean barbecue, your guests and you will be sitting at the table. The barbecue is in the middle and around it are dishes with marinated meat, vegetables, rice and sauce. Everyone grills their own ingredients, which you can eat separately but also mix and match in all sorts of ways. Using the grilled ingredients, some rice, ssamjang paste, spring onions and a crisp leaf of lettuce, you can make delicious and healthy wraps very easily. The disadvantage of this authentic form of barbecuing is that the smoke and smell remain in the house. Also, you will have to do without the Big Green Egg’s delicious flavour accent. As such, we suggest you light the charcoal in your EGG and enjoy a perfect Korean barbecue from the Big Green Egg.



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