Flavour Fair Big Green Egg

Dozens of inspirational professionals, fresh products of the highest quality, enthusiastic and inquisitive foodies and more than a hundred Big Green Eggs. These were the basic ingredients for the very successful and mouth-watering Big Green Egg’s Flavour Fair.

Some visitors and professionals, including chefs and craftsmen, have attended this annual taste festival since its first edition. They are driven by a shared love of the Big Green Egg, craftsmanship and the pure flavours of the products and ingredients on the menu.

Food trucks and large pavilions dedicated to fresh produce such as fish, meat and vegetables, and traditional pastries and patisseries, set the scene, creating a tasteful ambiance. The opportunities to sample the most delicious dishes, discover new tastes in familiar ingredients and dishes, explore the possibilities with the Big Green Egg, and learn new techniques meant the day was all about enjoyment and inspiration.

The taste theatre and the demonstration pavilion, where masterclasses and demonstrations were staged, were new this year and very popular, as were the pop-up table belonging to three-star restaurant De Librije and the Flavour Fair Challenge, in which the visitors could take on each other from behind the Big Green Egg, led by enthusiastic Julius Jaspers.



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