Artisanship in Rene Brienens kitchen

Almost every region has its own specialities. Sometimes with ties to the area and other times because a supplier is located there who loves his profession. SVH Master Chef René Brienen, of the restaurant Brienen aan de Maas in Well in Northern Limburg loves to use these local delicacies. Because at his restaurant and at his suppliers’ everything is about flavour!

René is one of the top names in his field in the Netherlands. His restaurant has been awarded a Michelin Star, occupies a respectable place in the GaultMillau and the chef himself is a member of the Gilde van Nederlandse Meesterkoks [Dutch Guild of Master Chefs], a privilege reserved for those who have carried out and passed the accompanying Meesterproef [test of ability]. Where possible, ingredients from the local area constitute the basis for the dishes served at restaurant

Brienen aan de Maas. ‘I was lucky enough to have worked on L1, Limburg’s regional broadcasting service’s TV programme KOPlopers for a number of years which focused on innovation in the agro and food sector. It was in this role that I visited and became acquainted with a lot of companies in the area,’ explains René. ‘Almost everything we can get locally is sourced locally, although not at all costs. Flavour and quality are always the leading considerations!’

Lamb year round


‘I have literally and metaphorically bumped into some of my suppliers. For example, I met shepherd Boudewijn Kooijman and his sheep while I was out walking the dogs. Maasduinen sheep, now recognised breed which Boudewijn bred himself, have particular characteristics. For instance, they don’t have a thick wool pelt and moult at certain times of the year. This makes shearing unnecessary.

The lambs provide top-quality meat and another useful trait is that the Maasduinen sheep, in contrast to many other breeds, rut throughout the year i.e. lambs are born year round. Nevertheless, demand for lamb is highest in spring. We however also serve young, tender lamb cooked on the Big Green Egg in winter!,’ concludes René.

René composed a delicious lamb recipe, especially for us. Curious? Give it a try!



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