Big Green Egg Ardennes special

In recent decades, the Belgian Ardennes has developed to become a popular destination. Droves of people visit for a weekend or longer to enjoy the many different facets of this vast and beautiful area of natural beauty. There is plenty to do, for the adventurous and those hoping to relax. Because before, during or after a day full of adventure, there’s ample of time for a relaxing culinary adventure on the Big Green Egg!

The Belgian ardennes


The extensive forests in the area provide a source of great enjoyment. For example, the Durbuy Adventure, which lies at the heart of the Belgian Ardennes offers no less than 60 (outdoor) activities. The mountainous rock formations offer ample opportunities for climbers, the rivers are popular for canoeing and rafting and the extensive forests provide an ideal setting for mountain biking or long winter hikes.

The natural character of the Belgian Ardennes developed more or less by chance. In the past, Wallonia had a lively mining industry. In order to prop up kilometres of tunnels and mine shafts, the demand for wood was high and over and above the existing natural vegetation, many new trees were planted. The poor quality of the soil and rough, uneven terrain made it unsuitable for agriculture.

Extensive infrastructure wasn’t needed; the area was sparsely populated and largely intended for forestry. Closure of the mines in the 1950s rendered the large volume of wood produced in the region superfluous and, thanks to its rich flora and fauna the region gradually gained popularity for recreational purposes.


A paradise for game


Despite the fact that the region is not known for its characteristic local products, delicious treats can be found. Traditional products are a top priority and are produced with love and care.

For example, the Saint Amour jam establishment in Durbuy is widely known for its hand-made jams, jellies and vinegar. Visiting this establishment is a tasty and altogether interesting experience. Not only does it offer a peek behind the scenes at a traditional family business, it offers a broad range of other locally produced products including honey, specialty beers, liqueurs, sweets and herbs.

And as is the case for most forest rich areas, it’s an absolute paradise for game including deer, duck and wild boar. Thanks to its refined flavour, the meat produced from the latter appears on local menus in different forms. And trout fishing on one of the many rivers is also a popular leisure activity.

Fresh trout

For those who are not au fait with fishing but would still like to enjoy fresh trout from the region, a visit to ‘La Truite de Freux’ in Freux would be well worth the effort. Established in 1889, this farm produces beautiful, top-quality trout and crayfish. Fully ecological, organic farming methods were introduced in 2009.

The impressive estate is dotted with dozens of lakes where the trout grow up naturally, and the monumental country house is still inhabited by a genuine baroness. The lakes were once created for natural drainage and also serve as a source of water for the crayfish.

The space, tranquillity and time given to the animals while growing up ensure sublime flavours, which are further enhanced when prepared on the Big Green Egg. A tasty and authentic culinary interlude to counterbalance the activities of the day in the Belgian Ardennes!

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