Do you want to assemble the Big Green Egg 2XL safely and correctly? We will show you how in our assembly video, after which you can read the step-by-step instructions and safety tips at your own pace. Please be aware that certain parts of the 2XL are very big and heavy. For this reason, it is important to have sufficient people around to help you put the EGG together.

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Would you like to review the most important steps of assembling your EGG at your own pace? We have listed them below!

Before you start: open the packaging and check whether it contains the manual and all the parts of the Big Green Egg 2XL.

Did you get an EGG Nest when you bought your 2XL? If so, first assemble the EGG Nest and place the ceramic base before continuing with the next steps. You will save yourself a great deal of effort by positioning the ceramic base of the 2XL in the EGG Nest before continuing with the rest of the assembly (instead of assembling it first and then positioning it correctly)!

Assembling the 2XL

Step 1: Start by attaching the one side of the hinge to the lower black band. Use the supplied bolts and nut caps to do so.

Step 2: Attach the other side of the hinge and the wooden handle to the upper black band. We have also provided bolts and nut caps for this purpose. Make sure that the handle is not mounted upside down. Check to ensure that everything is properly tightened.

Step 3: Attach the lower black band to the top of the ceramic base. Make sure to correctly position the handle in respect of its middle point.

Assembling the 2XL

Step 4: Then place the ceramic lid with chimney in the upper black band. Pay attention to the correct position of the thermometer and the Big Green Egg logo on the lid when doing this. The thermometer and logo must be placed straight above the handle.

Step 5: Once you have put everything in its proper place, secure the black bands on both sides of the EGG using the supplied (long) bolts and nuts.

Step 6: Tighten all the nut caps in the upper and lower black band firmly to adequately secure both bands to the ceramic base and lid.

Step 7: Open the ceramic lid and hook the springs to the hinge of the EGG.

Assembling the 2XL

Step 8: Place the thermometer in the ceramic lid of the EGG and attach it to the inside of the lid.

Step 9: Place the ceramic fire box in the base of the EGG. Make sure that the notch at the bottom of the fire box is at the same height as the draft door. Then place the ceramic fire ring, the coal grid and the Stainless Steel Grid in de EGG. Make sure that the biggest notches in the ceramic fire ring are at the top.

Step 10: Attach the supplied felt to the top of the chimney on the ceramic lid. Then place the ceramic snuffer cap (if you don’t intend to use the EGG immediately) or the dual function metal top (if you are going to use the EGG immediately).

Congratulations! Your 2XL is ready for use! Read more on the Using the EGG page or download the Big Green Egg User Guide.

Safety tips

A Big Green Egg is very safe to use, provided that the EGG is used for its intended purpose and that certain guidelines are followed. While assembling your EGG, take the following safety tips into account in order to enjoy the carefree use of the Big Green Egg and the mouth-watering flavours of all the wonderful dishes you can prepare on it!

  • Place and use the EGG in a spot that’s safe and where the ground is level.

    Ensure that the EGG is stable and never place it on an incline or uneven surface. Preferably place the EGG in an EGG Nest or EGG Carrier. If you have placed the EGG in/on a table with swivel casters, make sure to lock the swivel casters once the EGG is in its place to prevent it from moving about.

  • Do not place the EGG on a wooden or other combustible surface, or in the vicinity of combustible objects.

    When the Big Green Egg is in use, the bottom of the ceramic base radiates a great deal of heat. Avoid the risk of a fire and never use the EGG on or in the vicinity of wood or other combustible objects, or underneath low trees or low-hanging branches.

    The EGG is intended for use in a metal EGG Nest or special built-in table so that there is an empty space present beneath the EGG. The alternative is to place the EGG on a concrete tile. Never position the EGG anywhere near a storage space that could possibly contain combustible substances.

  • Move the EGG by pulling it, not by pushing it.

    If you wish to move the EGG, we recommend that you place both hands on the EGG Nest/EGG Carrier or Nest Handler and pull the EGG along behind you. Do not push it ahead of you! The EGG Nest and Nest Handler are not intended to roll over any type of uneven ground, such as pebbles, soft soil or grass. Move the EGG across a stable surface and ask someone to help you, if necessary.

Big Green Egg has done everything possible to ensure the safety of the cooker when in use. However, the users themselves are responsible for their own safety and that of their environment. Users must always act prudently and handle the EGG and the accessories with caution.

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